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What is The Bitcoin Builders?

We supply our members with a fantastic selection of free marketing tools & promotional codes to help them gain massive exposure for their online business. Our one time low cost membership fee is split up and shared with our current members. Infact every time a new member enrolls we payout Bitcoin to 5 of our members!

Your upgrade also comes with 50,000 site banner impressions on our homepage!

The Reason Why So Many People are Joining The Bitcoin Builders Right Now!


The Bitcoin Builders takes all the hassle away from transactions and makes it possible for you to send and receive Bitcoin to members, newcomers, random members and upliners ‒ automatically. With our sytem, you don't have to spend hours and hours of sending all that bitcoin one by one or manually. Our system will have you building your own Bitcoin empire in no time at all!

In other words, no one will be left unpaid, thanks to the this newly developed system.

This is Not A MLM Program that Might Hinder You to Take Action


The Bitcoin Builders is a great way to earn Bitcoin and the procedure behind it is purely transparent. This is why, this simple system of our script will work wonderfully, and you are rewarded with great return on your one time investment within a short duration of time.

But, we believe that you know it by now, and that's why you're here in the first place.

So, what are you waiting for?

Here is How it All Works



Membership fee breakdown
0.0014 BTC to 1 Admin.
0.0014 BTC to 2 Upline Members.
0.0014BTC to 2 Randomizer Members.
0.0014 BTC to 1 Random Unpaid Member.
(Total Lifetime Membership Cost 0.0084 BTC)


The First payment is for the Admin To Maintaine the Website. The Other Two Members are your level 1 & 2 upline members, Then Two Members Are Random & Members Who Joined Just Like You! and finally the last Member is the one who hasn't received any payments as yet as we don't leave anyone empty handed!


Once The Members Receive Their BTC, Your Website is Created with Your Username, which Makes you eligible to earn from your own downlines and random members!!  we are paying out BTC to RANDOM members and REFFERRING Members at the same time. Every new member that joins means 5 members get paid!

See? It's that simple. You help others, and others help you. By the time; you will have made a significant amount of fortune for yourself and family.



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